Gus is here!

Harvey, right now.

A lot has happened since I last posted.

The biggest news is that on Saturday, February 5, baby Gus was born. I’ll write the birth story soon, but for now I’ll just say it went much faster than the first. But thankfully there was no mad dash to the hospital, we were able to park the car ourselves, and I made it to triage sans wheelchair or screaming.

Equally big in my book is that Otto turned two on Sunday. But, more on that later.

Everyone I know who has more than one kid told me the second would be easier than the first. I didn’t quite understand how that could be, but I see now just how true it is.

Firstly, the physical recovery has been spectacularly easy. The wear and tear (literally, unfortunately) of labor and delivery left little mark on me. I’ve been up and active pretty much since an hour after he was born. Perhaps it’s the body’s gift to parents with a toddler.

Breastfeeding is also much easier and less painful; partially due I’m sure to  Gus’s professional latch, but also to my own experience and more relaxed attitude.

And that relaxed attitude is carrying over to all aspects of the second born. With Otto a maddening, sense of overwhelming fear was born in me (What if I accidentally throw him down the stairs? Is he breathing? What if he gets lost in our sheets and suffocates? Now is he breathing? Is that a stuffy nose or might he actually be dying? What if in the middle of the night I am carrying him to the changing table and I trip and fall on top of him? And then we fall down the stairs? Et cetera ad nauseum.)

This time my thoughts are more like: Isn’t he cute? Don’t you love his hair?

More than anything, I’ve discovered just how easy a newborn is. Despite the sleep deprivation (he is a very reliable 2-hour alarm clock), right now is a piece of cake. There is no wrestling over what he’ll eat for dinner, zipping up his coat, or prying crayons out of an iron-fisted tantrum. So far, I’m pretty sure we haven’t messed him up. He’s well-fed, clean, breathing, and at the moment, sleeping.

And all I have to do is keep him satiated, clean, and breathing. That and play housewife, which I’m actually enjoying. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, taking care of little chores around the house… they are all things I normally do, but without any professional work obligations and on days with Otto at daycare and little Gus sleeping through most of it, I have infinitely more time and flexibility to get things done.

I almost feel a little guilty about how easy and simple my life is right now. But then, I know that in about seven days he’ll also be turning two; so I am just going to put my head down and relish in a nice, long nap.


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