The New Normal

I was excited to get my issue of Parenting magazine in this week’s mail to see right there on the cover a feature of  “one mom’s take on how gay parenting is becoming a part of America’s social fabric.”

In the essay, Patty Onderko calls her family of two moms and two kids the New Normal.

I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say that in this point in history, gay families are perceived as quote-unquote “normal,” (what does that mean anyway?) but the fact is, there are millions of children being raised by millions of gay and lesbian couples and individuals in the United States.

So if not normal, maybe at least people don’t find it outrageously unusual.

Over on Motherload, Lisa Belkin has a thoughtful “what makes a family” post which includes a response to the Parenting piece, and also highlights a Pew Research study that asks respondents how they feel about, among other things, gay and lesbian couples raising children. (Hint: Of the over 2,500 random people selected, 43 percent said gay couples raising kids was bad, 12 percent said it was good, and 41 percent said it “doesn’t make much difference.”)

All three pieces (article, blog post, and study) make for a fun, interesting read, but some of the real stories play out in the comments.


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