N is for narwhal. And new wall.

About a week ago we moved Gus out of our room and into Ottos’s. He’d grown far too big for the cradle we were using, and with the encouragement of our doctor (who thought his being in another room would spare me unnecessary night-time feedings, though the jury’s out on that one) I set up the pack-n-play somewhat haphazardly in the middle of the room.

Feng shui it was not, but I didn’t have much faith in the arrangement. I thought for certain it would mean less sleep for everyone. Turns out, I was wrong. The boys are both able to sleep through each other’s coughs and cries, and although it’s extra nighttime work for me, it feels good to have our room back.

So today, and until Otto is ready for a big-boy bed, I integrated the pack-n-play into what is now officially [drum roll please!] the “Boys’ Room.” I also unpacked and, with Gus gleefully overseeing the process, put up some alphabet wall decals that we’d bought almost two years ago at a consignment sale.

Otto, too, was ridiculously excited about the new wall. Our bedtime ritual was, well, overshadowed by it.

New wall - Bilk alphabet wall decals


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