The pea shoots find their way to their new pea trellises

Here’s a shot of my garden and our house taken today, through one-year-old asparagus stalks. I put row covers over the kale because I was losing the battle again this year against cabbage worms. (I would have preferred half-circle row covers but could only find square ones.) I also added some mint plants, which supposedly repel the cabbage moth.

Pea trellises with chives, spinach, and arugula in the foreground.

Click here to see close-ups of the trellises…

Last year I made my first-ever pea trellis using metal stakes and chicken wire. It didn’t turn out very well. The chicken wire practically fell over under the weight of the peas, and the peas became too crowded to flourish.

This year I bought six-foot stakes through an Amish greenhouse and garden supply store, spaced the screws every seven inches up the stake, wound twine around them horizontally, and tied twine from the bottom to top too. I got inspiration from this post and my trusty Vegetable Gardeners’ Bible.

After about four days, a few of the pea shoots have reached up and successfully grabbed onto the trellis.


5 thoughts on “The pea shoots find their way to their new pea trellises

  1. Totally envious of the beds! Look great.
    OK so am I imagining things or did a post go poof? I looked at it yesterday, and was so honored to be sited when… I came back today to finish reading it… I hope it comes back soon. Important work needs a platform! Happy growing seasons. Mama C

  2. Thanks so much. I’ve really been enjoying your blog. It’s true–a post did disappear. I hit “publish” (for the one that links to your site), but then realized I wanted to make some changes. I didn’t have the time to do it right away so took it down temporarily. It will be back soon!

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