Could Minnesota do it?

It makes a small part of me die inside to feel even a little bit invested in yet another battle over an anti-gay ballot measure.

Earlier this week, I was mildly traumatized when I read that Republican (of course, who else?) lawmakers in Minnesota were forcing through a constitutional amendment banning marriage for gay couples. After 30 states have passed similar amendments–making gay people in those states feel like their lives, their value, and their families were on the ballot–aren’t Republicans and the phony family values crowd done yet? Haven’t we moved on?

BUT I can’t help but feel hopeful about this poll showing 55% of Minnesotans oppose a  constitutional amendment banning marriage for gay couples.

Wouldn’t it be great to see one of these amendments finally go down in the Midwest?

Minnesota and Wisconsin have a special place my heart. Not perfect yet less raw, less hostile than the rest of the Midwest. Lakes and northern woods stretching across the land. A kind of masculinity that seems a little less insecure than what I knew growing up closer to the edge of Appalachia. My fantasies of Northern Exposure-like small towns where quirky individualism can thrive were not dashed by my travels there.

It’s an understatement to say it wasn’t easy when Wisconsin voters overwhelmingly approved an anti-gay amendment back in 2006.

Minnesota, can you do it? Things have changed a lot in five years.

Make us proud. Turn this shit around. Start the dominoes falling in the other direction.


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