We are very committed and loving. I swear!


1. I completely support what otherwise appears to be a sophisticated, broad and concerted effort to win marriage equality in New York. It gives me some hope that we’ll have another marriage breakthrough this year.

2.The video starts with one of the women saying, “Mary Jo and I have a very committed and loving relationship.” Does anyone find it persuasive when a couple looks into the camera and tells you they are “very committed and loving”? I understand polls and focus groups tell us persuadable people move toward support of marriage equality when they think of same-sex couples as loving and committed. But is it believable when a couple tells you they’re loving and committed?

How about less telling and more showing?

Then the other woman goes on to say, “We get sick. We take care of each other…” It comes across as a throw-away recitation. Too staged and wooden. What about a brief story or testimony from someone close to the couple to help people believe in their commitment and love?

3. That said, I have a deep respect and appreciation for people like this couple who step forward to make their private selves very public.


1 thought on “We are very committed and loving. I swear!

  1. i love these discussions about the ever-elusive perfect 30 second slot. 30 seconds just isn’t fair. this ad is a nice try, and i agree with your commentary josh.

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