A note to Gretchen about my bathroom

Dear Gretchen –

Thanks again for painting my bathroom back in April and for bringing your surplus paint. I’m not sure how we got it all done with a three-year-old, two-year-old and two-month-old clamoring for our attention.

After months of gradual effort, I want to let you know I’ve put the finishing touches on the bathroom. The counter and floor are still ugly, and one day I’ll replace the drawer pulls. But it’s done for now. Check out the vintage Lake Superior and Lake Michigan postcards (below) I found on eBay. The robot-themed shower curtain (from CB2) reminds me of Jill.

Sorry for not being a better photographer. I have no idea how to work around shadows and reflections.




3 thoughts on “A note to Gretchen about my bathroom

  1. Dear Josh,

    You’re so welcome! Though if I remember correctly, I used painting your bathroom as a sneaky way to steal time away from at least two of the three kids clamoring for attention. It was my pleasure for sure.

    Love all the little details you found and added. Indeed, between the happy blue paint job and robot shower curtain, it’s like we’re right there brushing our teeth along side you.

    LYLAS too,

  2. Yes, it turns out it’s tough to find cool shower curtains. I presented Travis with three choices–one with Chinese characters, one with goldfish, and the robots. Robots obviously won.

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