Nothing better than a lazy, rainy morning in bed

It is most delicious to wake up not to the cries of “I want food!” or “Play trains with me!” but instead to the warmth of snuggles and the contentedness of a kid who wants to ease into wakefulness with a few good books. This book is Zen Ties. Have you read it?


4 thoughts on “Nothing better than a lazy, rainy morning in bed

  1. I only wish my daughter had any interest in being lazy once in a while. Right now she’s a squirmy, active toddler intent on moving 100% of the time she is awake. This looks lovely.

  2. Melissa – It will come! With Miles still, I probably only get about three periods of 15-minute chill time on the couch or in bed each day. Lately, I’ve been trying “quiet reading time” each afternoon to give us both some down time. I lie down on the bed with my book and put him next to me with a pile of his books. It lasts for about five minutes, but I keep trying…

  3. We’re just at the point where our little dude will sit still for a few minutes while we read. But anymore than 5 minutes and he’s ready to wrestle, dance or french kiss one of his puppies.

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