It’s Conceivable interview

When I was first exploring the possibility of becoming a parent, there weren’t many resources available for LGBT parents. I had tons of questions, and the only way to get answers was painstaking research, drawn from all sorts of potentially unreliable sources. I wanted a central hub where I could find what I needed to know about adoption laws, agencies, costs, and the truth about whether particular paths were not possible for wannabe gay parents.

It’s Conceivable is that hub. The site’s motto: “less rainbows, more advice.” It provides practical information on everything from surrogacy to donor insemination to second parent adoption. Equally important, for me, is that it combines the practical stuff with interviews, features, and blogs by LGBT parents and prospective parents. Two of their bloggers are Ryan from Pride in Life and Allison from Love Invents Us.

What I especially like about the stories is that they aren’t driven by a specific legislative or political goal. So often, we hear the stories of LGBT families in the context of, say, a marriage equality campaign. Those stories have their place, but they’re hemmed in by talking points directed toward persuadable voters. It’s Conceivable is a place for LGBT folks to talk about parenting just for ourselves and our non-gay friends, without the political filter.

If all of that wasn’t enough, Kendra’s post in the occasional series, One Cool Thing, about riot grrrl and Sini Anderson’s Kathleen Hanna documentary completely endeared me to the site.

It’s Conceivable kindly invited me to participate in this interview, which was posted yesterday. I even shared a pic of me, Travis, and Miles—something I’m usually shy about posting here. Please check out the interview and spend some time with It’s Conceivable.


13 thoughts on “It’s Conceivable interview

  1. When Jer and I started researching for Bean #2, I spent hours googling to find sites with useful information on adoption and surrogacy as it related to LGBT families. I found very little usable information. It was beyond frustrating.

    Then along came IC. They’re amassing a wealth of information regarding LGBT families and I love that most of it comes from actual parents or prospective parents and not reporters.

    I was extra super excited to see your family’s story yesterday! And a picture! I’m the same way about posting family pics – I’m very reserved about it. But I think there are certain times where standing up for what you believe in merits losing a little anonymity.

    • Yes, well kudos to you for putting your story out there too. And yeah, that’s why I ultimately thought it’d make sense to give them a pic with all of us. I kind of imagined myself as a younger kid, hungry for images of happy gays.

  2. How great! I am really impressed with (and grateful for) the work they are doing over there too and thrilled to read your interview. Even more thrilled to get a picture! I’m the picture type. 😉 Also agree with you guys about the “happy gays” images. Really important I think.

    • I was excited to see you had started blogging there too–and especially dig the stay-at-home perspective. Thanks for stopping by….

    • I hesitated on whether to even reply here thereby giving this comment more attention, but I just have to say that your blog seems void of any scientific basis for most, if not all, of your claims. Lots of links to other blogs does not mean you have credible sources. I am the product of a heterosexual couple using an anonymous sperm donor to conceive. I am so very grateful that my parents wanted a child badly enough that they pursued fertility treatment in time when it was much less common than today. Obviously, anecdotal evidence, such as my personal story, also does not serve as scientific proof one way or the other, but your blog seems to make lots of inflammatory claims without anything to back them up.

      • Momma – It’s good to hear your story/background, given some of the things posted on that blog, linked above.
        Ryan – Thanks for asking the question. I was a little confused too about the intention and message being sent by the commenter.

  3. I found this blog a while back from First Time Second Time, and I just found It’s Conceivable through a post on Baby Center. It’s great to see the two come together! Your comment on the fact that parenting is more of everything really resonates with me. I don’t comment much here, but I love reading. Thanks to you and Gretchen for the great posts!

    • Thanks for leaving a comment. I, of course, love to know who’s stopping by here. I’m excited to check out your blog–am loving the banner and the colors.

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