Snapshots of home this winter

There is lots to write and think about here, including some pretty big changes in our lives. I’ll share more soon. Starting this week I’m trying to be less distracted and get back into the habit of writing. For now, some snapshots of our life at home this winter.

Miles learned to bake his own bread at school. I managed to get a photo this time before he gnawed it to crumbs.

I baked some loaves of my own on a few of the coldest days. I hate to say it because she’s so exacting, but after some experimenting with other bread books, I think Rose rules.

We brought the ocean into the kitchen, with demon stingers, squid, and sharks.

For the first time I tried transplanting herbs to extend their lives, bringing them inside in late October. Some of them are still thriving. In fact, this mint never looked better. The basil never flourished; the parsley recently passed after a good go.

Don’t be mistaken. Trains rule here, but cars make regular comebacks. After all, they can be made to look like trains.

The kid loves shoveling. Maybe because we’ve had real snow only once or twice.


4 thoughts on “Snapshots of home this winter

  1. Yay for a new post! 🙂

    We planted some herbs and such this winter and grew them indoors. The mint grew like a weed – literally. It took over the neighboring pots. Some of the other herbs grew (rosemary always did very well) but nothing approached the heartiness of the mint.

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